Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Hey my friend in the church!
It’s such an honour to know 
And to be associated with you
I cherish every moment we spend together 
In the house of our Father

It’s really my delight
To call you a sister or a brother
A friend or a father
Thanks for tolerating my excesses
And for showing me love still

I just want you to know
That whenever I see you
I do not see you
I see the people of God

Scriptures says to not forsake 
The gathering of the saints
That definitely talks about you
So whenever I see you
It is a saint I see

Although sometimes you make mistakes 
With your life
Yet, I rarely see those mistakes
Most of the times
What I always see
Is a saintly person
I always see the glory of God upon you
Because the honour of the Most High
Is placed round you as a shield

So many times, when I pray
I pray hard to the Lord
That I may see things 
The way you see them
That I may smile
The way you smile
That I may walk
The way you walk
That I may dance
The way you dance
That I may have friends
Just like I see you with your friends

But why do you look so down on yourself
Contrary to what I see
All what you always see
about yourself
Are your mistakes
Your imperfections
Your faults
Your errors
Your inadequacies
Your inabilities

Hey my friend!
No one is condemning you here
Why form a shield of condemnation 
around yourself?
Even if you don’t believe my testimony
Believe what the Word says about you
It says there is no condemnation to you 
Not once
Not twice
Indeed, several times

My sister, you are beautiful
My brother, you are awesome
Remember who you are

When I see you, I see glory
Do not see you, and feel sorry
The glory is not of you
The shininess is not of you
It was given to you as a gift
You did nothing to get it
Rejoice in what you have
And do not get carried away by your mind

These are my words of peace
My brother
I love you beyond words
Because you are the delight of my heart

© Idowu Omisile (28 October 2017)

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


This is the story of how a formidable soldier died a mysterious death from an unexpected foe. Enjoy your reading 

I          -           THE GENESIS

 remember the story of the formidable Soldier called 'G' and the peculiar way he went down before an unexpected opponent. G had been a soldier all his life. He joined the US Army as a teenager, at the age of 17. His father was an Army General and right from the day the boy was born, it seemed that he was destined to be a soldier. On the day of his birth, he urinated on the nurse who cracked a silly joke on his mum. It looked like a coincidence and yet again it looked deliberate because the kid smiled after the action. Of course, the mother was pleased.

At age 7, he beat up two boys (11 and 13) who abused his sister. This was not unexpected as he was practically as tall as they were by that time. So, not only was G a fighter, he had the stature to go with it. He was christened Andersen at birth but his enormous stature earned him the title of Goliath in the army especially the day he single-handedly took on an entire battalion, armed only with a hunting knife. What transpired that day is still shrouded in mystery. Some said he had other people helping him, others said he had super powers, but whatever the case, he killed those people and the bodies on the field could testify to that.
By the time he was 15, he already had a black belt, could make bombs and he had the endurance of a camel. So, it seemed natural for him to enter the army. In the army, he began his career as a Private and within a 15 year period, he rose to the rank of Captain due to his outstanding and exceptional skills. He could be called the soldier of soldiers. He won outstanding awards in general tactics, small units, offensive and defensive tactics, light and heavy weapons, archery, arm to arm combat, guerilla fighting, sniper, small and light arms, knife fighting, wrestling, weightlifting, skiing, sky-diving, mountaineering, swimming, and more. He could use any weapon effectively and if he had no weapon, his arms, his huge arms were simply as efficient.
Also, he has served in any military role you can think of: SWAT, Marines, Paratroopers…, yet in all these things, he was excellent. Whenever he led any team, it was almost always sure victory. So, it is common knowledge in the army that none should enter into any form of brawl with him because you cannot win him in any way.
A legend soon evolved around him as being unkillable because he had never been known to receive any wound. In 25 years of military life, he had never, so much as received a wound, yet he was always at the forefront of war. He had been on countless special missions and was in line for special Presidential recognition in 6 months. He was simply an outstanding soldier.

All these, and more, were factors that made the news of his death a shock to the entire military ranks, the President and even the entire nation. It was a story that was to trend for years to come.
This is the story of how Andersen 'G' was killed…

II                  THE CHALLENGE

The US deemed it fit to enter into another mission against Afghanistan and this time, they went to a small community that has been known to be resistant right from the days of Osama bin Laden. Their notoriety has become so popular that the news got the Chief of Staff of the Army and everyone was simply irritated. It was decided that in this particular mission, the issue of that small, pesky community would be resolved once and for all and for that reason, a special team was designated to lead the fight. This time, G was chosen to head the team. When the news got round that G was to lead the team, everyone knew that it was indeed a serious case and that the Army Chief meant business. It will be total obliteration of the ‘arrogant’ tribe.
On Wednesday, August 03, 2005, the team called the ‘G’ Unit was dispatched off to Area 57 of Eastern Afghanistan Peninsula. The team dropped off about 50 kilometres east of Bunyad Khan and took a circuitous route to Harirud river, in order to not arouse any suspicion especially as they received strict orders to keep the mission as discreet as possible. What was not obvious to the soldiers was that the Afghan government also disliked that little tribe. They were neither for the Afghans nor for the Americans but seemed to have always been in the Afghan Peninsula, difficult to live with and difficult to eject. So, the rebel anti-Taliban groups have promised to give intelligence to the US government that will help seal their victory over the Taliban tribe if they can help dispel this riotous tribe without any noise in the international community.
Several surprises awaited the ‘G’ Unit when they reached the country’s territory. First the whole community could not be more than 30,000, 60 percent were women and children. Among the men, about than 40 percent were above 50 years, so the number of those who could actively engage the ‘G’ Unit was no more than 5,000 and they were armed with what could pass off for no more than crude weapons. The whole situation was sarcastic to the ‘G’ Unit and even with his team of 500 men, it would only take 3 hours of heavy shelling and the community would be wiped off the page of history. The unit therefore decided to amuse themselves a little by offering the community a truce.
A siege camp was set up about 1 kilometer from the entrance to the community’s almost impassable entrance except by air and a message was sent to the leader as follows:
The head of the community got the message and there was total turmoil and chaos in the tribe. Their residing in that region had not been without turmoil for as long as they have known. They only know that they were not meant to leave that region until they get the ‘sign’ and they have been waiting for that sign for more than 3000 years. They have seen governments come and go, nations rise and fall but they have held on to the words of their ancestors that they will be safe from all harm only that they are to not leave that region. Although it has not been an easy life for them, they have a testimony to the fact that they have truly been kept safe. In spite of the fact that they reside in one of the most dangerous regions of the world, almost in the border of Afghanistan and Iran, they have somehow managed to survive over the years and even begun thriving. Truly they didn’t have the highest of wealth, yet they have truly been kept safe and preserved from all foes. Especially from the Islamic fundamentalists.
Thus, although they had no idea of what to do, they concluded in their minds that there was no option of leaving the community. Based on this, the best men in the community armed themselves as best as they could and went to set up camp about 500 metres from the American Army, a good distance away from the city in order to protect the women and the children.
Two days have passed since the initial challenge was written to the people and on each day, very early in the morning about 6:30a.m., Andersen himself, with his complete military regalia always came out and shouted to the people:
‘Assholes, I consider that you are deliberating on how best to tackle the challenge before you. I know you don’t have any man who can stand before me. Even my best men cannot stand against me, to talk less of you. You have less than 24 hours to produce your challenger after which your fates will be decided. This evening, I shall be coming again to offer you one more challenge and be sure that by this time tomorrow morning, you are as good as dead. All of you.
Little did Andersen know that those will probably be his last words. If only he knew what laid in store for him, he wouldn’t have left his camp that morning; he wouldn’t have left his home that day, he would have listened to Sophia’s advice when she asked him not to call the General, the week before he was assigned this commission. He would have listened to the words of that weakling in his team, who suggested that they explain away the situation to the government by stating that the people are actually peaceful and not wanting any trouble. Of course, that idea was unreasonably but little did he know that that was his only lifeline. If only someone had told Andersen, if only he knew, if only… (Watch out for the continuation of the story).

III                THE PREMONITION

‘G’ woke up with terror on his face. It looked so real. He stood inside his tent and almost ran out. ‘Phew!’ he breathed a slight sigh of relief. He was still alive. A soldier by the side of his tent stood up in salute immediately. He almost noticed the fear on ‘G’s face. ‘Was it there or was it his imagination?’ None has ever known G to be fearful, but many heard the noise and saw the sweat on his fact. ‘What could be the matter?’
Andersen went back into his tent. For no obvious reason, he seemed to be afraid. But afraid of what? Never in all his life has he known fear. Even when faced with death, he responded with uncommon courage and probably worry but never fear. ‘What could this terror be? Why was he fearful? It can’t be related to this silly Middle Eastern tribe, could it?’
Just then, he remembered his challenge in the evening. It’s already 4:00p.m. He has about 2 hours to get set for his final challenge and afterwards the obliteration of the community. Now, in his heart, he wants the whole matter to be resolved once and for all and for him to go home. Probably that’s why everyone around here dislikes the seemingly harmless community. He could have simply cut the whole process short by launching the assault that very evening, however, he was never a man to fail to keep his word. Although he could have ordered an immediate and total attack on the pesky tribe, he decided that once he’s decided to give them the chance to live, he should fulfil his bargain. This is especially so, as his men are watching, although they wouldn’t have cared. Many of them wanted this to be over since a long time ago. But what is this nagging fear around his mind? Why is he sweating? Why was he having a nightmare? During the day!
It’s now 5:00p.m. His assistant came to remind him of the upcoming challenge and he asked for 15 minutes. That’s more than enough for any soldier to get set for a challenge, however, for no obvious reason, Andersen considered it important to take an extra time to prepare himself for tonight’s challenge and he determined to take no chances with this strange people. A strong hatred and dislike for them just seemed to bulge in his heart. He put on his full military gear. He was armed for lethal combat, armed to the teeth. He even took with him a Taser, some hand grenades and of course his trusted knives. When he stepped out of his tent, all his soldiers were slightly surprised and everyone had to do likewise. All weapons armed and ready, the whole unit began its march to the battle ground where the opponents were arrayed in their usual straight line of 20 rows.
After a march of about 10 minutes, the whole team was all set. At exactly 6:30pm, he stepped out and reeled out his challenge again…
“You bags of scums, this is the last opportunity I am giving you. Surrender now and I may let you live. Bring forth your challenger, let him come meet me in hand-to-hand combat otherwise, you have only 12 hours to live. I hope you know that there is nowhere you can run to. First, you’re living in a region encompassed by mountains. That’s why you are simply hard to reach but that’s also why you can’t escape my attack. Second, no one likes you here, so there is nowhere to run to. Third, I have received strict orders to obliterate you and I am not planning to change my mind. Send forth your man now and let’s get this over with. At least give it a try.”
The last statement amused everyone in his army. They all broke down into laughter. Andersen brought out his cigar and his stood at ease. Just as the laughter was about to die down something unexpected, unforeseen and unprecedented happened. Just as the laughter was dying down, suddenly they heard a voice shout ‘Hold it there!’…

Did they actually hear that or was it a mistake?
No, it wasn’t; because the voice came out again. This time in clearer notes.
“Hold it there! Hold it right there you American soldiers. These three days you’ve arrayed yourselves in front of our town, threatening to kill us, threatening to decimate us, threatening to obliterate us.”
“Do you think it is for no reason that we have been here all these years? Do you think we are as weak and helpless as we look? Truly you have all the weapons and artilleries of the nations of the world behind you, but have you not known, have you not heard, has it not been told you, that we have a God, who is able to protect us? Do you think it is for naught that in spite of all onslaughts, we have held out till now?”
“I am the Challenger of my tribe and I have come to challenge you. You come against me with guns, bombs, knives, and all forms of artillery but I come against you in the Name of my God. You cannot do anything against me because the One who is with me is greater than you or the ones with you. I have endured your jabbering all these while but hadn’t time to come attend to you because I was tending my sheep and then the tribe leader wouldn’t allow me. But today, your fate is sealed.”
“This day, I will kill you and cut off your head and feed your carcass to the birds of the air and nothing you do can affect or stop me.”
Andersen looked and before him was a dirty Shepherd boy, he couldn’t be more than 17 years. He was with no weapon of war except a sling!
A sling?
Is this some sort of joke or something? True enough there are lots of children in some villages who are known to hunt with catapults or so, but he never imagined that someone these days still carried a sling! Wow! The lad is hoping to get a ‘slingshot’ at him!?
Imagine the amazement in the sights of everyone witnessing the event. What sort of insult is this? Could this be a joke or what?
However, the rest of the story is even more amazing than what currently obtained. The best way to describe it will be in the words of one of the few survivors who related the story before the Military Council 3 months later.
What Andersen never knew, eventually knew, but didn’t live to tell, was that there is a place where the weapons of war do not matter but what is back of them…

IV                THE BATTLE

The little Challenger stood daringly before the dumbfounded Andersen who couldn’t fathom the meaning of the situation playing out before him. Here was the teenager, with nothing but a catapult, and a waist bag that was full, probably with some smooth riverside stones, standing before him! A trained soldier! A trained, retrofitted soldier! A soldier since he was a boy! A soldier, who had been in many wars and survived many ‘last stands’. True, he was a boy, but he had self-confidence, lots of it.
This was totally beyond comprehension and acceptance. At first, he was bewildered, it looked like that was some sort of joke, or that there’s a catch to it which he wasn’t seeing. Probably there’s an ambush or another secret plan behind the matter which was not obvious to him.
“Is the boy a suicide bomber? Is he also a terrorist? Are there mines around the battleground that he needs to watch out for? Definitely there must be a catch to this.” Andersen, with his eagle eyes, scanned the whole environment, to see if there was anything unusual, but there seems to be no change in the terrain. There scouts had been on the field all night and even managed to crawl into the somehow porous camp of the enemies and found that they were really perplexed by the situation before them.
Intelligence report showed that the tribe leader had been having series of meeting with the leaders since the start of the siege and they were simply at loss of what to do. While they definitely have no means of fighting back the enemy that stood in front of them, it was very obvious that surrender or quitting the community was not an option for them. How will a small tribe, hold on so tightly to a generational myth that they would even dare to stand in the face of imminent obliteration. Definitely they must have a trick to it. They must have a way out of it. This is probably the secret to their survival over the years…
It would have been amusing to try sport with the little boy as there was no chance of arm-to-arm combat with him, however, the apprehension of the dream he had overnight was still all over him. Andersen decided to make short work of the matter and brought out his gun. He fired at will at the little boy who was about 150 metres away from him and the first wonder broke out. He missed!
What again!
How could he miss?
A stir rose in both camps. First was a cry of first fear, then joy among the enemy tribe. They were happy that their ‘champion’ was still standing. The situation was however different among his men. All were surprised and there were some indistinct rumblings among the soldiers. What exactly is going on? Even the worse shooters among his men couldn’t miss such a shot. To talk less of him!
He was further angered at this and decided to empty his gun on the boy and he fired decisively, purposively and directly at the boy. Somehow, the little boy managed to evade all his shots and was still standing there, rock solid when the bullets were emptied from both guns. That was when Andersen concluded that there was more to this matter than meets the eye. In that case, he was determined to see it to the end. Let’s see how this plays out.
Meanwhile, the little boy laughed again. He said, I told you soldier, you come against me with guns, knives and various weapons of war, but I come against you in the name of the Lord. This very day, I will kill you, cut off your head and feed your entrails to the birds of the air.
By now, Andersen’s face was flushed with anger and he started running towards the midget, who also started running towards him. The little boy fitted a stone into his sling and shot fiercely at Andersen. Wow! What a shot! The stone flew past his ears like a missile, for a missile it indeed was. It wheezed past his ears and he was initially taken aback at how such rock, fired from such a crude weapon could have such power. Probably it’s a sort of mechanical device. However, he was not going to allow such joke to hold him back. It would take a real live bullet, shot by a good hand to even get to him, to talk less of piercing his retrofitted armour. And how to talk less of a stone shot from a sling. No way this was happening. They were now less than 100 metres apart and Andersen unsheathed his knife. This will be the end of it. He will slaughter this midget in cold blood. As they were getting here each other, 80 metres, 70 metres, Andersen heard a strange noise behind him and he looked back briefly. Probably that was what undid him. Looking forward again, he missed the boy fitting his sling for the third time and was not able to check himself although there was no hope of the stone doing any real damage to him. Just then, all of a sudden, he felt a strange, sudden sharp pain inside his brain.
In full speed, he stumbled and assailed in the air for about 2 seconds before he was on the floor. Everything happened so fast, his mind started slipping away from him and in that instant, his whole life flashed in his face like a swift scroll. All his journey, from the childhood till date, the warning from his friend at home, the dream and now this. His consciousness was slipping fast but not before he could see the little boy standing over him. What is going on? What just happened to me? Why am I slipping out of consciousness? He felt suddenly like Achilles before Telemachus, when the arrow pierced his heels. But he was wearing a fully fitted armour with even a proper headgear. What could have entered his head, just like that? This has never happened before. Those were the last thoughts on Andersen’s mind as the terrors of death rushed over him and he gave up the ghost.

V                  THE CONCLUSION

There was dead silence on the whole field. Both camps, the American and the besieged tribe were hushed. It seemed unclear to anyone what just happened, although it was very obvious. The little boy killed the Marine with a sling. There was no one else on the field, there was no mine planted around, no one fired a shot on both sides except the ones fired by Andersen himself and there was no possibility of a sniper being anywhere around. The surveillance system of the American soldiers confirmed that more than an hour ago and there was live feed of the entire area every 5 seconds. So, it was totally impossible for a secret shooter to be anywhere and they won’t know. They actually wanted to sport with the little tribe before they finished them off. It was not meant to be any serious work for them.
The little boy’s face seemed to glow as he stood over the prone soldier. He was breathing heavily and his heart was thudding heavily and loudly. He could almost not believe what had happened. He had killed the strange soldier! He really looked small beside the giant man but he had managed to finish him off. Not with anything, but his usual riverside stone. The stone he used to kill the lion and the bear, now he’s managed to use the same stone to kill a man, a full-grown military man. Truly, his God is able to deliver, even in the midst of the greatest trouble. He looked up and lifted up his hands. He

came on his knees and for about 30 seconds, he bowed down in worship of his God. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The God of the innumerable tribe of Israel, the God of Samuel the Prophet and the God of his father, Jesse. They have done it. They have won!
He stood up again and picked up the knife that fell from the dead soldier and he labored over him to turn him around. Here is his trophy. Here is his bounty. Without any labour, he severed the head from the stout neck, just like he did to the beast that took his favourite sheep in the wilderness, only that this time, his sheep are his people and the beast is the soldier. He cut off the head of the soldier and lifted it up for everyone on both camps to see.
It was then that the spell broke on both camps. The boy’s tribe broke out in wild, glorious jubilation while there was a sudden unknown trepidation in the camp of the assailants. A sudden terror fell on the soldiers and they made an immediate retreat from the field. They couldn’t even wait to retrieve the body of the dead General until very late in the middle of the night when some men managed to summon up courage to pick him up. They fled the battle scene without their supplies. They simply retreated in hurry to their base and called for the extraction team so they could go back and report the unfortunate news that they lost their general. How they were going to do that was further unclear to them.
When the extraction team arrived, they whole battalion moved in a single batch and proceeded the flight to the main base before they return to the States. Unfortunately, it seemed the jinx of Andersen was meant to befall them also, they were ambushed by some Taliban militia who somehow managed to finish off the whole team except one plane containing 30 soldiers, which managed to escape. They barely escaped because their plane was badly damaged and after that flight, it was permanently grounded. When they returned to the United States, the military Council summoned the most senior officer in the plane to explain what transpired on the mission and that was where they heard the incredible story of their soldiers’ queer experience.
The whole council decided that the story should not go out. Since the operation was a covert one, it must be kept that way. The entire team, who took part in the mission, died one way or the other. Unfortunately, however, one soldier, who seemed to put the pattern together, realized that if he was to go down, he will go down in flames, decided to leak the story to the whole world lest he also becomes mysteriously dead. That’s how the story of Andersen ‘G’ got into global awareness. Funnily enough, what was perplexing, to the global community, however, was not how the 30 soldiers mysteriously died after the mission, but the singular story of Andersen who died before a teenager, who was wielding a sling.

“But, Grandpa,” Seun asked, “It’s not possible for a man to kill a fully kitted modern day armed soldier with a catapult? How was it possible for the boy to kill a fully armed retrofitted soldier with a sling?” His grandfather replied, “it’s no more mysterious than the killing of Goliath by David (1 Samuel 17). That is the best way I can use to explain the story of David and Goliath to you, child.
It only takes the audacity of faith, for a man to go approach another man, who is armed to the teeth with contemporary weapons of war, and who is determined to kill you. It is only unshaken confidence in Jehovah and absolute trust in Him that can make a man make such moves. David took such bold step and he stopped the mouth of a Lion.
Child, God has not given you a spirit of fear, but that of power, and of love and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). These are the days of exploit for believers for those who know their God shall be strong and do exploits. These are the days of exploit. These are the days of David and Goliath again. Why do you think there are so many Goliaths out there today? It is so that other Davids can arise and take them down. Do not fear the giants, only trust in your God and He shall keep you, because He is able to. Go out there and take your giant.


I believe you have been blessed by the above story. Thank you for reading along with me the whole period. The story was inspired on the day I was trying to explain to a friend (Miss Nmesoma Onwuakpa) what the David and Goliath story might look like in our world today. I hope my attempt at showcasing it looked real enough. Please comment below to let me know your opinion about how well I did. What could I have added? What should I have removed? Kindly drop a comment in the section below. I trust God to write many more stories and books. Meanwhile, I encourage you to trust in the Lord for inspiration, take up your pen and write something that will edify our generation.
God bless you.

© August 2018
Idowu Olusola Omisile (+2348162823552)

The story is an attempt to create a present-day of what transpired between David and Goliath in the Holy Bible (1 Samuel 17). It is therefore a work of fiction with lots of added details for plot appeal. It does not wish to imply that the events that occurred in the bible happened in the same pattern, nor does it refer to any situation that happened during the US War in Afghanistan at any point in time. Any similarity to events that occurred either in the past or present is purely coincidental.

Saturday, August 11, 2018


Ikíní ni ibá ṣọpẹ́ tirẹ̀
Ohun tí enikan ni, elomiran o ni
Ẹni tí o tíì bímọ a dúpẹ́ tó bá rántí ẹni tí kó l'ọkọ
Ẹni tí kò l'ọkọ a dúpẹ́ iwalaye
Ẹni tí kò ri ise a dupe fun anfaani at lo si ile eko
Bi o tile jé wípé die ohun o to
Ti o si dun mo eniyan ninu
To eeyan ba ranti eni ti ko ní to
ohun ti eeyan ni ti o si ń gbadura wipe
Kí Olorun o jé kí oun da bi eni
Eeyan a ká owo soke wípé
Mo s'ope temi
Iba keji ni iba Olorun gbe mi goke
Agbokanle o kii pani lebi
Ti eeyan ba wo ohun to ní
Okan re a tun gbe soke wipe
O ye kí ń ti koja ibi ti mo wa yii
Iyen lo ń mu eeyan lakaka lojoojumo
Ti eeyan ń tiraka láti da bi awon ti o wa niwaju
Iyen lo bi ilepa
Amo ti ilepa ba ti fé maa ni iyonu
Kí eeyan tun ranti wípé oun tile gbiyanju
Opo lo wu kí won de ibi teeyan wa lowolowo ti won ko si tii de ibe
Ninu gbogbo ilakaka
Mo fé dogun
No fe dogbon
O se pataki láti maa ranti wipe
Onikaluku lo ni nkan ti o ye fun idupe

A binary world
The first part is ‘be grateful for what you have’
What one person has, another does not have it
The one hoping for children will be thankful when such remembers the unmarried
The unmarried will be thankful for life
The overworked staff will remember the unemployed;
And the unemployed will be thankful for even the opportunity of education
The handicapped will give thanks when considering the sick
The sick will give thanks because of the hope of life and recovery
The blind will give thanks for ability to hear
And the deaf will give thanks for ability to see
Everyone has something that another does not have and wishes to have
That wish become the aspiration of that person and they will look at the person who has
As a sort of glorified person
Half loaf is better than none
But no one is satisfied with eating a half loaf
while we may not have all what we desire
and what we currently have is not sufficient
such that one is not happy with the insufficiency,
when one remembers the one who does not even have that half loaf to start with
and is praying to God for such provisions
that God will at least make him like one
one will lift up his hands and say
I am grateful for what I have
The second part is the aspect of ‘O God, lift up my head’
Hope deferred makes the heart sick

* I chose to use the word binary rather the possible alternatives of dichotomous or sort because of the rhyme and if you look at it deeply, binary can still describe two opposite parts of a thing.
Thank you for reading

Please I will like your comments.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Oh Engie! 😢

I've met lots of wonderful people in my life. You stand clearly among those who have endeared themselves to my very heart.
I remember all your efforts to learn Yoruba when you'll say 'Bawo ni?' 'Se o wa pa?'
Or how I'll caution you that 'Onitemi' is too strong a word to use for a friend.
Your beautiful innocent smiles, or the day I caught you moody.
No sickness, no pain, no headache, just like that.

Oh Engie!
Just when you and your folks were looking forward to the end of your academic soujourn...
Just when settling down is in view
Just when your dreams were reaching their climax
How could you?

Oh Ngozi!
I wish someone can just wake me up and tell me this is a faux.

I'm not missing you o because I still don't accept the veracity of this strange news.

But I suddenly lost your number, so I can't call to confirm from you directly if the news is true or not.

I really now wish there is a VERY LARGE UNDO BUTTON I can press to return everything to normal.  To bring you back so we can laugh over this whole story.


Ngozi, please don't die.  😢 sad

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I, Ornithologist...

And so I was going about my normal life in Ile-Ife. After church prayer meeting one night. Lo, I saw something flutter on the road leading to my house. That's around 7:00p.m., so visibility was low. I followed it and it moved still fluttering.
I initially thought it was one of the fowls in my area and I was wondering "why will this peculiar fowl be out of its coop at this time of the night?" (They barely see anything in the dark).
I pointed my phone torch at it, lo, it was an owl!
I was even more amused at the thought of an owl, scampering on the ground, and that at night (owls are see most active at night).
I followed it up till it passed my house a bit and it stopped. Funny thing I did was to remove my polo shirt and throw it over it to catch it and protect myself from any lashing...
My neighbours could barely believe I was able to carry an owl in my hands. Their general opinion, especially those women, was that I was as much of a coward as they, after the incident of the cobra...(story for another day). I was happy because their respect for me increased by one point, at least. I was so happy :).
Now to find an abode for birdie, Mummy Ope eventually allowed me house it under her coop which she had partitioned initially for her fowls.

Following day, I was seriously late for an appointment with the Dean of my Faculty, but I knew I need to deliver birdie to safe hands which I considered to be the school zoo. I managed to get it there and they agreed to give it some treatment. If it survives, I told them they can add it to the zoo inventory otherwise, I'll just release it back to the wild.
I became a friend of the zoo as I was told I could check on birdie anytime I wish to...meaning free access to the zoo. My brother thought it should be named after me, but I've been like 'What!'. Name an owl after me and not even the zoo lion etc... (lol)
So, I decided to take a pix with her before dashing for exam invigilation with Dr. Akanni which I was already late for...phew!

*ornithology is the branch of zoology dealing with the study of birds

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PPS: So sad, I got news this afternoon (15-11-16) that birdie did not survive the treatment. She is dead... :(. At least, I did something.
(c) EnGraced 2016

Thursday, November 3, 2016


A man got to heaven and was told he'll be going to hell because he has no place in heaven (Matthew 25:41). The man started crying and was begging God for mercy (Luke 16:24). 

To his uttermost surprise, God brought out earpiece and plugged his ears.

"What!", the man cried out in shock. "O God, what exactly have I done to You? Why are you plugging your ears with earphones when I'm here begging for your mercy?".

After a long while, He who sat in heaven laughed (Psalm 2:4) and said, "Was that not how you plugged your ears with earphones when I was also pleading with you on earth?" (Luke 16:29, 31).

"What!" the man cried again. "When, O Lord, did I plug my ears with earphones when You were talking to me?" (Matthew 25:44)

And God replied him, "In so much as you plugged your ears when my servants were preaching to you in the bus in those days, so I'll do to you as well. After all I've said in my word, 'Do unto others whatever you would like them to do to you'" (Matthew 7:12 ~ NLT).

Just a figment of my imagination but with a ring of truth in it...
(c) Engraced 2016

Monday, April 25, 2016


He comes as a whisper,

a still, small voice,

almost a thought,

very easy to ignore

Yet His voice is stronger

than the loudest noise,

fiercer than the strongest gale

He is the power behind the strongest, 

most powerful,

most fervent

movements in the entire universe

Stronger than all the forces of darkness combined

they are boisterous, 


and cantankerous

But He is mild...

still waters run deep

they are roaming about as 

roaring, hungry lions,

but He is meek and lowly at heart

They are not the true lions

they are just a pack of 'wannabes'

He is the true lion,

    the alpha lion

        the Lion of the tribe of Judah

Yet I speak of the mild voice

that speaks into my heart,

telling me what to do per time

That's how the inner witness is

And many have chose,

time and again,

to shove His

common-sense defying 'leadings' 


...and Oh! their sorrows,

time and again

If only they have learnt to know

If only they have learnt to hear

If only they have learnt to believe

If only they have learnt to yield

If only they have learnt to say

'O Lord, although this makes 

practically no sense,

yet I will do it

because You said, to do so"

And then, they would have understood

how men have achieved

common-sense defying results

Results that have seemingly no bearing

with where they were coming from in life.

If only we have learnt to yield

to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit.


(c) Idowu Omisile 19 March, 2016